DGI Omega Series USB Driver Downloads

Download USB System Driver For Windows 7 64-bit  Download
Download USB System Driver For Windows 7 32-bit Download
Alternately use a USB to Serial adaptor along with a compatible serial cable

If You See The Following Error

You need to install the MICROSOFT VISUAL C++ 2005 RUNTIME LIBRARIES. Click here to download now.

Windows 10 Information

You can succesfully install the USB driver to Windows 10 if you temporarily disable the Windows 10 driver signature enforcement. Follow the instructions below:

How to Disable Windows 10 Driver Signature Enforcement

  1. On your keyboard press the Windows Key + C and click on PC settings.
  2. Choose the “Update & recovery” section.
  3. Then click on the Recovery option on the left hand side.
  4. Once selected, you will see an advanced startup section appear on the right hand side. You will need to click on the “Restart now” button.
  5. Once your Computer has rebooted you will need to choose the Troubleshoot option.
  6. Then choose Advanced options.
  7. Then Startup Settings.
  8. As we are modifying boot time configuration settings, you will need to restart your computer one last time.
  9. Once restarted you will be given a list of startup settings that you can change. The one we are looking for is “Disable driver signature enforcement”. To choose the setting, you will need to press the F7 key.
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