Refreshing The Configuration Files

Refreshing the configuration files restores all the program defaults and can fix a number of issues such as:

  • Program will not start
  • Cannot create text
  • Plot Manager will not run
  • Plot Manager runs but the job does not appear in the job list

Note: All program defaults such as measurement units, grid etc. will be reset. Check all your defaults carefully after carrying out this procedure.

Before you start

If Plot Manager runs, make a note of the cutter driver you are using and the output port. You will need to set up the cutter again after the refresh is complete.

How to refresh the configuration files

You will need to know the names of the files for your particular version of Wissen software. Refer to the table below for the file names.

Product Filename
Plot Manager Plotman.ini
CutBoy 98 Cutboy98.ini
Castop 98 Castop98.ini
Castop Plus 98 Castplus98.ini
Castop Plus 99 Castplus99.ini
  1. Exit the Wissen software.
  2. Using Windows Explorer locate the Windows folder (usually C:\Windows) and search for the configuration files for your software.
  3. Select and delete the files, sending them to the recycle bin when prompted.
  4. Start your Wissen software. You will notice the program defaults are restored.
  5. Check the operation of your software.

Configuring Wissen Software 

  1. Start your Wissen software program.
  2. From the Settings menu choose Options. The options dialog appears.
  3. Click the Plot Manager tab.
  4. Define the location of the Spool directory. This should be C:\Program files\Wissen\<Program name>\Spool.
  5. Define the location of the Plot Manager. This should be C:\Program files\Wissen\<Program name>\Plotman.exe
  6. We recommend you disable the options "Send clipping contours only" and "Send everything to to plot manager while saving".
  7. Click OK.

Configuring The Plot Manager Spool directory

  1. Start the Plot Manager program
  2. From the File menu choose Set spool directory... 

    The Open dialog appears.
  3. Define the location of the spool directory to match the location set in your Wissen software (C:\Program files\Wissen\<Program name>\Spool)
  4. Click OK

Adding the Cutter Plotter Driver

  1. Exit the Plot Manager program
  2. From Windows Start button choose Programs>Wissen>[Program name]>Add and remove cutters. The Add and remove cutters dialog appears.
  3. From the list of cutters locate the cutter model you are using and click to select.
  4. Click the ADD button followed by Update and Quit.

 Configuring the Cutter Plotter Driver

  1. Start the Plot Manager
  2. From the Edit menu choose Cutting options... The options dialog appears.
  3. Click Setup. The plotter options dialog appears.
  4. Use the Connect list to choose the correct output port for your cutter.


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