Using a USB to Parallel Adaptor

Applies to:

  • Castop Plus 6
  • Castop Plus R3/3.1
  • Castop R3/3.1
  • Cutboy R3
  • SignGo
  • SignGo Lite

A USB to Parallel adaptor can be used to drive cutters through the Parallel printer port using the following method. These instructions are specifically made for Windows 7, however the procedure is similar for all Windows versions from XP.

  1. Plug the USB to Parallel adaptor in to your system. Windows will automatically install the necessary drivers.
  2. From Windows Control Panel > Printers choose Add a printer and choose the Local printer option.

  3. Choose the port assigned to the USB to Parallel adaptor. This will usually be be called something like USB001 (Virtual printer port for USB). Then click Next.

  4. From the Manufacturers list choose Generic and from the Printers list choose Generic / Text OnlyClick Next.

  5. Give the driver a descriptive name such as My Cutter for example. Click Next.
  6. You will not usually want to share the printer driver, however you can share if you wish to send data to your cutter from other computers on your network. Click Next
  7. Click Finish to complete the Add a printer wizard. Do not set as a default printer and do not print a test page. Move on to Step 8 to configure your Wissen software.
  8. From your Wissen program access the Cutter setup window. From the File menu choose Cut or Cut selected then click the Setup button.

  9. Open the Connect list and choose the new printer you just added. Click OK to complete.

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